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You will find here things that are actually in my kitchen and that I use regularly. Some of you probably already have all of these things in their kitchen as most of them are very basics. This list can also give you some ideas if you are trying to reduce plastic or teflon in your kitchen. So if someone asks you what you would want as a gift, you might want to send them this list. lol

Kitchen Scale Weight Grams and Oz

First of all, I highly, highly recommend using a kitchen scale for baking. Measuring the weight of the ingredients is much more precise than using cups which makes baking much more fail proof. Last but not least, it is very convenient: less washing up to do than when you use cups.

Measuring spoons set

Although I am not fond of cups because in my opinion they are not precise enough for baking, I do love measuring spoons. So easy to get exactly 1/4 tsp for example.

Glass measuring cup

This is very convenient to measure your liquids like the quantity of water to add to your soup.

Cristel Frying pan

I got this when I decided to ditch the teflon for a safer cookware. It goes in the dishwasher and as it is easily storaged. You can see it in several pictures on my blog like in my coconut free chicken curry.

Le Creuset Cast-Iron French Oven

I absolutely love this kitchen item !! I use it several times a week. It is so easy to use and to wash and doesn’t need seasoning. It is the kind of kitchen utensil that lasts a lifetime so I already know that I will use it for the next 50 years. Another thing that I love is that you can choose from a large array of colors.

Kenwood stand mixer

Well this machine can do pretty much everything. I’ve had it for years now. You can see it put into good use in my aquafaba for beginners post.

Magic bullet blender

This blender is extremely convenient!! I use it to grind spices, to make pesto, hummus… it is so easy to wash!!! And you can just screw a cap on and store whatever you have made directly in the fridge without having to transfer it to another jar.

Immersion blender

This is what I use to blend my soups. But you can use it for many other things.

Vegetable Spiralizer

This thing makes perfect vegetable spirals. I use this to make my zucchini noodles. But of course you can use it for other vegetables. I offered this to my mother last Christmas.

Faceted French Glass Jelly Jar

These faceted jars are a real French classic. Those versatile glass jars can be used to preserve your seasonal harvest (dried herbs…), homemade spreads or jams… You can use them again and again and again.

Cutting boards

Cutting boards are another must have in every kitchen.

Kitchen tongs

These basic kitchen utensils are great for daily kitchen tasks like flipping whatever you’re grilling or using as zucchini noodles server and much more.

Wooden kitchen utensils set

Wooden kitchen utensils are simply a must have in every kitchen.

Glass Food Storage Containers

This is a staple in every kitchen, to store leftovers, meal prep… As they are oven safe, I often use them to make a small oven baked dish.

Stainless steel lunch box

This is my every day lunch box. It is leak proof, oven safe and plastic free. You can see it in one of the pictures on my buckwheat crepes recipe.

Insulated lunch box

This is the lunch box I use whenever I want to bring with me a hot lunch. It stays hot for several hours.

Qwetch Stainless Steel Isothermal Bottle

Since I have ditched plastic bottles here is what I use now. You can of course choose from a large range of colors and if you don’t like flowers you can choose plain colors.

Igloo Mini Playmate Cooler

Well this cooler is probably one of the best. It will keep your lunch perfectly cool.

A chef coat

I’ve been using a chef coat for many, many years. Why? Because with an apron my sweater sleeves weren’t propected and I always ended up staining them. Lol!

Duck confit (confit de canard)

This French specialty is absolutely delicious! The meat is so luxuriously tender, it litterally melts in your mouth. So good!!!

Those confit duck legs are perfectly seasoned with salt and pepper (black pepper is an early reintroduction for AIP diet, make sure the person you want to offer this to has reintroduced it successfully if she is on AIP).

Moreover, the work has already been done for you! Just heat these in a frying pan in their own fat until the skin is crispy, along with cube sized (white sweet) potatoes. You will get the easiest gourmet dish you’ve ever had!!

Fitbit Inspire 2 Health & Fitness Tracker

Although this one gift idea has nothing to do with food, it has everything to do with health. I’ve had my Fitbit tracker for more than 4 years now and I still wear it everyday. I love that it counts my steps and gives me several times a day a little reminder that I should walk a little bit. I’m so proud of myself when it congratulates me because I have exercised.


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