A raw beetroot with its leaves, right out of the garden

Beetroot for beginners

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What is a beetroot?

As you can see on the pictures it is a hard round red ball that grows under the ground with red stalks and green leaves growing out of the ground.

In France, you can either buy raw beetroots or already cooked ones. Most of the time, you will find them in stores without the stalks and leaves, even though they are edible.

How to eat a beetroot?

You can actually eat it either raw or cooked.

If you want to eat the red ball part raw, you can check my beetroot carpaccio recipe.

Using a raw beetroot, you can also make a yummy crunchy snack that will cook in the oven : beetroot chips.

What does it taste like?

The red ball part, which is most commonly eaten, has a sweet and earthy taste. Whereas the stalks and leaves have a pretty neutral taste like many leafy greens.

When eaten raw, beetroots have more of an earthy taste than when they are eaten cooked. They also taste sweeter when cooked.

How to cook a beetroot?

How to cook the red ball part?

Give the beetroot a rince under cold water to remove the dirt. Boil or steam the beetroot (without peeling it : the skin will easily peel off once the beetroots are cooked) on medium heat for 35 mins or until it can be easily pierced through with a knife.

Beetroot in a steamer

Now that the red ball part of my beetroot is cooked what do I do with it?

First, you need to peel it, then you can check out this delicious vegetarian recipe : beetroot and feta cheese salad

How to cook the stalks and green leaves?

Wash them carefully to make sure you remove all the dirt, then chop them and add them to your favorite sautéed recipe. For example, you can use beetroot leaves and stalks instead of spinach in this sweet potato breakfast hash.

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  1. I will be making beet pickles this week, my favorite way to enjoy them, but will also can some beets to eat hot with butter.


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