Be gentle with yourself !

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Hush! 🤫 Please don’t tell my readers and followers that tonight I spent so much time working on my blog (something to do with permalinks which I completely failed to achieve but that’s not the point) that I lost track of time and ended up eating my dinner at 10:00 pm. My dinner consisting in a big bowl of pasta (at least it was gluten-free 😅) with store bought tomato sauce…. And I’m trying to become a healthy lifestyle and recipe blogger… 🤭 If they knew, they would think I’m a total fraud! 🤥

What I’m trying to do here, by being completely honest with you on my dinner menu (and time), is tell you that it is absolutely and completely ok not to be perfect all the time. As a perfectionist, believe me, I’ve tried that: never giving myself a break, being really hard on myself with food and/or exercise. And believe me it is a very bad idea. If you pressure yourself too much you will end up being stressed out and stress is one of your worst enemies when it comes to health. So just take it easy! Be gentle with yourself. 😉


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