Pumpkin And Spinach Quiche

Paleo |  AIP  | Vegan

This pumpkin quiche is perfect for a seasonal breakfast or  weeknight dinner! And the leftovers make a great option to fill your  lunch box for school or work.

so delicious

– Cassava flour – Extra virgin olive oil – Water – Pinch of salt – Cooked pumpkin – Fresh baby spinach – Mushrooms – Onion


For the crust

I do try to stay away from premade stuff as much as possible because I  don't trust how healthy they are. Though, from time to time, it's great  to have a quick and easy solution. So, if you can find a gluten free pie  crust or puff pastry at the store near you that fits your intolerances,  go ahead.

– Put  the pumpkin (or butternut) in a large bowl and puree with a fork. Add  all sauted vegetables to the bowl, season with salt and mix all the  ingredients together. If you can have goat or sheep cheese, add some  cheese cubes to the mix. – Pour  the mixture onto the crust and bake for about 25 minutes or until  cooked through. To add a little glow to the pie once cooked, lightly  brush or spray a little bit of olive oil. And voilà! Serve immediately! Bon appétit !

For the quiche filling

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